Zelensky Visits U.K. for Talks on Military Aid

This is one in an occasional series of dispatches about life amid the war in Ukraine.

KYIV, Ukraine — Alice Biletska knew that it would be challenging to film in wartime Ukraine, where the threat of missile or drone strikes is constant, but when she was deciding how to tell the story of a Ukrainian singer torn between her career in the United States and her family in a war-torn country, she and her co-producer saw little choice.

“There was never any question of where we would film,” Ms. Biletska said. “You have the soul of the people here. It’s very hard to fake that. Our Ukrainian crew all have their personal experiences of this war, and have gone through all of this, and everyone has a story.”

Ms. Bileska’s film, “Our House Is on Fire,” is wrapping up this week in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, after a two-month shoot under the specter of Russian airstrikes that has been an extremely personal journey for everyone involved.

Filmed entirely in Ukraine, and mainly in the…

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This article was written by The New York Times and originally published on www.nytimes.com