The Nigerians lured into a trap and blackmailed for being gay

When Nigeria passed some of the toughest anti-homosexuality laws in Africa, the internet became a place for the LGBT community to connect with others more safely – until criminal gangs went digital too. BBC Africa Eye investigates how blackmailers pose as potential dates on popular dating apps, only to extort, beat and even kidnap people.

Warning: This article contains a reference to suicide

Living life in secret as a gay man in Nigeria was dangerous for Mohammed.

He was always careful when he planned to see someone – but one arrangement shattered his life forever.

The father of three met Jamal online. They had been chatting for some time when he finally decided to see him in person. He said he had grown fond of him, even trusted him, and so one afternoon he met Jamal in town and went back to his place.

But it was a trap.

Mohammed was about to get in the shower but once he had taken off his clothes, a group of men burst in and started beating him and demanding money.

Jamal and…

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