The 2024 election isn’t about normal things. It’s about Trump.

The 2024 Election Isn’t About Normal Things. It’s About Trump. - Nf62Vr26Cgtxt64Relipyodhha
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Donald Trump’s televised town hall on CNN framed an important question for voters: What will, or should, the 2024 presidential election be about? Will it be about the normal issues and concerns of most elections — topical issues such as the economy, immigration, abortion? Or should it primarily be about the existential threats posed by the reckless former president?

Voters will make their own calculations about what’s important as they weigh their choices. But after the performance Trump put on during the CNN town hall on Wednesday, there is no escaping that he has an agenda that is anything but normal. This includes pardoning those convicted during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol; reveling in attacks and mocking victims of sexual abuse; and promoting an anti-democratic view of the office of the presidency. There is no turning a blind eye to what this would mean if he were reelected.

The former president might not become the Republican…

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