Breaking down the Philadelphia mayoral race

Breaking Down The Philadelphia Mayoral Race - B6Pqu65Pxdgw42Mc42Chk26Y3E
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Philadelphia is one of the last big cities in America to have never chosen a woman lead it. That could soon change. On Tuesday, the city holds a crowded Democratic primary election for mayor in which three of the top five candidates are women.

Almost all the candidates are championing tough-on-crime policies in the midst of extreme gun violence.

The Democratic primary is the de facto general election: Democrats outnumber Republicans in Philadelphia by a margin of seven-to-one. Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney (D) is term-limited, and nearly a dozen Democratic candidates have rushed to try to win the seat. (Republicans have fielded just one candidate, David Oh.)

The next mayor could be one of its most liberal: There are five Democratic candidates viewed as having a real chance to win. They span the range from moderate to liberal, and it is possible that one of the more liberal candidates wins. That would be a significant victory for the left. While…

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