Hollywood’s Ron Howard on How Filmmakers Are the Ultimate Team Leaders

HANNAH BATES: Welcome to HBR on Leadership, case studies and conversations with the world’s top business and management experts, hand-selected to help you unlock the best in those around you. Some film makers are artists – think of Stanley Kubrick, Wong Kar-wai, Robert Altman. BUT they also have to be good project managers. Because in addition to executing a creative vision, they’re managing tens of millions of dollars, staffs of hundreds, and intense deadlines. Today, we bring you a conversation about creative leadership with Ron Howard, the legendary actor, producer, and director. You’ll learn how Howard vets top acting talent for his movies, why he tries not to work with the same production crews from one film to the next, and how he manages creative differences on set. He also reveals what he learned about handling temperamental collaborators from coaching kids basketball. This episode originally aired on HBR IdeaCast in December 2022. Here it…

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