A Marketing Professor and a Matchmaker Talk Personal Branding

ALISON BEARD: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review. I’m Alison Beard.

Unless you’re famous or want to be, you probably don’t often think of yourself as a brand. But whether you’re in a meeting or on social media, interviewing for a job or asking for a promotion, the way you carry yourself conveys a certain image to the people around you. It shows them the value you want to and do bring to the world, and it determines how they respond to you.

So without getting too self-absorbed or showy, shouldn’t you spend a little more time thinking about and selling the brand that is you? That’s what today’s guests would like all of us, college students to CEOs, to work on.

Jill Avery is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School who studies corporate marketing. Rachel Greenwald is a professional matchmaker and dating coach and an executive fellow at HBS. And they’re coauthors of the HBR article, “A New Approach to Building Your…

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