Sudan conflict: Grandmother died trapped by fighting in Khartoum

Azhaar Sholgami is trying to bury her grandmother.

The elderly woman has been dead for days, no-one knows how many. She died alone, trapped in her house in Khartoum by the brutal battle between Sudan’s two warring generals.

Azhaar had been watching from New York, desperately trying to save her. Now, she is desperately trying to recover her body.

She’s not alone. Intense fighting has made it dangerous to gather the dead in parts of Sudan’s capital.

The humanitarian agreement reached by the two sides in Jeddah on Friday specifically commits to helping aid workers collect, register and bury those killed in the fighting.

“We keep on seeing dead bodies on the street, and hospitals that are out of service,” says Patrick Youssef, the Africa Regional Director for the International Committee of the Red Cross. “I hope the new declaration of humanitarian principles can truly allow for humanitarian corridors.”

So far it hasn’t, because the parties have yet to secure a truce to turn their…

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