Russia was trying to kill a Patriot when the US-made weapon took out the Kinzhal missile Putin claimed was unstoppable

A shot of a Patriot missile battery firing an interceptor in a US Army test. The Patriot missile defense system is a ground-based interceptor able to eliminate airborne threats.
Ukrainians last week said they’d shot down a Russian hypersonic missile using a US Patriot system.
Officials told CNN Friday the Patriot defense system was the target of the advanced missile attack.
Putin had previously claimed the deadly Kinzhal missiles were unstoppable.

When Ukrainians shot down a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile last week, they used a Patriot defense system donated by the United States to destroy the munition that had been “wreaking havoc” on their military. But officials on Friday told CNN the defense system itself was the target of the attack — and the Patriot expertly defended itself.

In their first known successful intercept of a Kinzhal missile, Ukrainian forces fired at the Russian warhead from multiple directions using the Patriot system, one official told CNN, “demonstrating…

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