Power struggle over who should watch over police in England and Wales

The number of elected regional mayors has grown in recent years, but the role of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) has remained relatively obscure.

And now there are signs that PCCs are gradually being phased out.

Rishi Sunak’s government wants to create more elected mayors – but is keen for them to take over, rather than run alongside, the role of PCCs.

This matters because policing has never been under more scrutiny and public confidence in some forces is at rock bottom.

Although PCCs do not have operational control over local forces – they are watchdogs rather than “police chiefs” – the hiring and firing of chief constables is among their powers.

Some mayors would quite like those powers for themselves and may seek a mandate to take them when they’re next up for election.

The next PCC and mayoral elections are due in 2024, and there is already a power struggle over who should have the job of holding the police to account.

One Labour PCC has accused the Conservative mayor…

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk