My Path to Generational Wealth: ‘The Happy Investor Method’

When Ange Matthews started her first full-time position as an associate recruiter in 2007, she earned $40,000. Graduating amid the Great Recession, “It was really hard to find a job,” says Matthews. After several months of searching, she accepted “the best option available.”

As she lived in her mom’s basement in New York City, Matthews did the math on how long it would take to get promoted and to pay her student loans at her current salary.

“I’d have to work here for 10 years just to get to $50,000,” she says, referring to the salary she could earn in her current role.

That’s when Matthews knew she had to do something different. She began investing in 2008 and today is an investment coach based in Dallas. Here’s what Matthews is doing to build generational wealth for her children, family and community.

What inspired Matthews to start building generational wealth?

Matthews realized after finishing school that she needed a way to make more money, as well as a way to build personal…

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