Marriott to Display Resort Fees Upfront in Online Searches

It’s getting easier to quickly determine the true cost of a stay at hotels in the Marriott portfolio.

Beginning this month, the hotel giant is rolling out changes to its online booking platform that will fold resort fees and similar add-on charges into the cost displayed when you first search for a property on its site. It’s a move that could help customers sift through the often expensive (and sometimes confusing) web of fees that go into the final price.

The changes are expected to take effect by May 15. This means that the first price you see will be closer to the price you pay (excluding tax). If your nightly rate is $200 and there’s a $50 nightly resort fee, Marriott will display $250 as the cost right off the bat.

The changes will apply to all properties with a resort or destination fee across the hotel’s brands, and appear on all of Marriott’s U.S. booking channels, including its website and mobile app, a spokesperson said via email.

Why is Marriott changing the way it…

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