How to Motivate Employees When Their Priorities Have Changed

Three years after the start of the pandemic, we’re seeing how our collective trauma has impacted the psychology of work. Our humanity has been revealed, as have working paradigms that were previously believed to be implausible — and no one can unsee either. Feeling passionate about our working life — liking what we do and how we do it — is as important as ever, but what creates that passion has broadened and deepened. Leaders need to catch up or they’ll be operating frustratingly empty hybrid offices with quiet-quitters and short-timers. The author presents four ways for leaders to expand their own view of how to motivate employees.

Get into a conversation with a company leader these days, and you’ll likely hear some version of “no one wants to work hard anymore.” Those companies who are hiring still seek hungry, ambitious hard-chargers who will do what it takes to succeed. But new hires come in negotiating like seasoned executives, leaving…

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This article was written by Kristi Hedges and originally published on