American car culture is changing thanks to younger generations. But Gen Z and Millennials see vehicle ownership much differently.

The percentage of young adults with driver’s licenses has decreased significantly since the 1980s.
Journalist Daniel Knowles argues it signifies a shift in how young people view cars.
He hopes it will “motivate” people to look at other transportation solutions.

The forward-thinking youths are at it again: This time, they’re changing the car culture embedded in American society. Incrementally, at least. 

Polls, studies, and surveys show younger generations are less likely to drive, less likely to have a driver’s license, have less access to vehicles, and when they do get behind the wheel, are driving fewer miles.

Perhaps it’s because of a greater awareness of the environmental and health damages of cars on the road. But Daniel Knowles, a writer for the Economist and the author of “Carmageddon: How Cars Make Life Worse and What To Do About It”— a book about how cars contribute to public health and climate crises — told Insider there are many circumstances as to why Gen Z and…

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