Working Parents, It’s Time to Let Go of These Pandemic-Era Habits

On May 11, the U.S. Covid-19 Public Health Emergency officially expires. But if you’re like most of the working parents in my coaching practice, what hasn’t yet expired are many of the perspectives and day-to-day practices that got you through the pandemic.

Amidst the unprecedented pressures of the past three years, all of us who are combining career and kids had to use new moves, and a lot of them, in order to “make it work.” Maybe you and your partner learned to alternate shifts on the days daycare was closed, or you led off each Zoom call with a disclaimer that the baby was in the background — and so on.

Some of these hacks continue to serve us well. Maybe thousands of Zoom-call disclaimers later, you’ve gotten comfortable discussing family responsibilities with colleagues and feel more authentic on the job. Or maybe continuing to work remotely, at least part time, allows you to stay more involved in the kids’ school activities than you ever…

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