Use This ‘Hack’ to Stress Less About Your Mortgage

Houses aren’t cheap, and the money you plunk down on closing day is only the beginning.

Nearly 30% of homeowners say their monthly housing costs, such as mortgage payments, homeowners insurance and property taxes, are expensive, according to a 2018 NerdWallet homeownership survey. About 65% have experienced anxiety related to owning their home.

But some have found a clever way to dial back the financial stress: “house hacking.”

This strategy isn’t as new as it sounds. Owners rent out rooms in their home, or units in a multifamily property, and put the funds toward the mortgage payment or home improvements.

It’s a way to let other people pay for your home, and if you follow some ground rules, it could be life-changing.

“Doing this has been the best financial decision I’ve ever made,” says Amy Breyer, a 28-year-old tax accountant. Breyer rents out three bedrooms in the Minneapolis house she bought soon after graduating from college. “The tenants cover the whole mortgage…

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