Moyes admits ‘good chance’ Rice leaves West Ham; Haaland and Kerr land FWA awards: football news – live

Moyes admits Rice may leave West Ham

These quotes, via the BBC’s Simon Stone, come from after Thursday’s Conference League semi-final with AZ.

We honestly hope Dec stays, that is the biggest thing. We would love him to be a West Ham player but we are aware that might not be the case. That is one of the scenarios.

Our plans are to have Dec here but we are also fully aware there is a good chance that we don’t have him.

Updated at 11.22 EDT

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In other news, Uefa has insisted it will not relocate the Champions League final from Istanbul despite fears that the potential fallout from the upcoming Turkish general election could make the city unsafe. Here’s Paul MacInnes with the latest.

Incoming: a tweet from Sal Guerrero. “Well @W_F_Magee, don’t suppose you have any idea when #CFC will announce that #Pochettino will take over the reins?” I’ll leave this one in the capable hands of Fabrizio Romano, transfer wizard, deal riddler, curiosity slaker and knower of…

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