Immigration Politics Return to the Forefront as the 2024 Race Picks Up Pace

Border security, the issue that largely defined Donald J. Trump’s victorious 2016 campaign, is back on the national agenda, a potential boost for Mr. Trump — and, for President Biden, a headache with no simple remedy in either policy or politics.

The termination of a pandemic-era program that allowed officials to swiftly expel migrants was expected to draw an additional 7,000 unauthorized people a day, adding to already record levels of Latin American migrants driven north by poverty and violence and by perceptions of a more welcoming border under Mr. Biden.

At a televised town hall this week, Mr. Trump predicted that Friday would be a “day of infamy” as the policy known as Title 42 that he first put in place came to an end. He used the same fear-mongering rhetoric of his earlier campaigns to describe migrants in broad and inaccurate strokes as “released from prisons” and “mental institutions.”

Although the Biden administration announced policies beginning in February…

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This article was written by Trip Gabriel and Reid J. Epstein and originally published on