House Approves Stringent G.O.P. Border Bill, Attacking Biden on Immigration

House Republicans pushed through a sweeping border security bill on Thursday that would crack down on unlawful immigration, blowing past solid Democratic opposition and narrowly avoiding an embarrassing mutiny within their own ranks on one of their signature midterm campaign promises.

Republicans timed approval of the measure, which has no chance in the Democratic-led Senate, to spotlight their hard-line stance on immigration just as President Biden is facing a potential border surge with Thursday night’s expiration of Title 42, the pandemic-era rule allowing for swift expulsion of migrants.

The bill would revive and codify a variety of border policies championed during the Trump administration, including construction of a border wall, the “Remain in Mexico” practice of keeping migrants seeking asylum either in detention facilities or on the opposite side of the border and expedited deportation of unaccompanied children. It also would mandate that companies verify their…

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This article was written by Karoun Demirjian and originally published on