Heartwarming, hilarious but apparently hidden away, Jury Duty deserves justice

The puzzle is this: why is nobody watching one of the best shows of the year? I have been trying to figure this out ever since Jury Duty dropped in April, on Amazon Freevee (it’s like Prime but it’s free-with-adverts, so if you have Prime it’s just free, and if you don’t have Prime it’s free-with-adverts. Perhaps we have already peeled one layer of onion skin away from this problem).

Maybe it is the unassuming name of it: Jury Duty, like Couples Therapy before it, a title so straightforwardly descriptive dissimulates the jewel hidden within. Maybe it’s because it got bad reviews, like this one in the Guardian. I say this as a critic: we really must stop listening to critics. There is another problem, I think: there is just so much TV these days, across a huge number of platforms and sub-platforms, and no one on Earth can watch all of them at once. Jury Duty – deeply unfairly, I think – seems to have fallen victim to that.

That said I am tired of asking people, “Have…

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This article was written by Joel Golby and originally published on www.theguardian.com