After Title 42 Expires, U.S. Border Sees Crowds, but Not Chaos

The southern border of the United States was crowded with migrants on Friday, but not chaotic, following the lifting of Title 42 pandemic-era restrictions. Yet Biden administration officials lashed out at court challenges from the right and left that they said could undermine efforts to deal with record levels of border crossings in the days and weeks ahead.

Migrants continued to seek refuge in the United States in numerous pockets across the 2,000-mile border with Mexico, though U.S. Border Patrol officials and shelter operators said the flow of desperate people was lighter than they had feared it could be, given how many people had traveled north from their homes in recent weeks.

Even as they expressed relief at the lower-than-expected surge on Friday, administration officials seethed about court rulings that they predicted would hamper their ability to deal with the latest increase in arrivals and lead to dangerous overcrowding at already jammed border facilities.

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This article was written by Eileen Sullivan and Michael D. Shear and originally published on