Why Overhauling Internal Communications Could Be Your Greatest Revenue-Driver – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM AXIOS HQ

In a climate of inflation, economic uncertainty, and fully distributed teams, employees need clear, frequent communication from leaders.

The challenge: Many executives admit they were never taught how to communicate efficiently, effectively, or profitably. And many more feel poorly set up to lead in an environment that has radically changed: the in-person workplace.

Why it matters: It isn’t a question of commitment. Leaders spend three to 10 hours per week preparing essential communications for employees—but if those communications are overlooked or ineffective, it’s wasted effort that leads to low morale, lost sales, and missed goals.

That’s costing U.S. organizations $2 trillion per year in time and productivity. So while it might feel like there are a dozen fires blazing, the bigger priority is addressing why they started to burn. Most often, the spark is a breakdown in alignment and communication.

The reward in stronger…

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