How Generative AI Changes Creativity

HBR EDITOR IN CHIEF ADI IGNATIUS: Don, you are an artist based in Los Angeles. I’d love to hear you talk about that moment that you realized that, okay wow, this generative AI is doing incredible things. And to what extent did you feel, at least initially, that existential dread?

DON ALLEN STEVENSON III: Yeah, I mean, it really kicked in pretty fast. I would say within the first couple of hours of playing with these tools, it started to sink in that this was going to fundamentally change what it meant for the value of my own work. In the past, I made a lot of money off of kind of how much time something used to take me, whether that’s an augmented reality filter for a client, a commissioned art piece, a 3D model, a 3D sculpture, a video edit, an animation, all these things used to take a lot of time. So if it took a week, I might be able to charge more, and if it took a day, I would probably charge less. So when I started playing with the earliest…

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