A Missouri man says American Airlines lost his suitcase and his $26,000 prosthetic leg — but the airline only paid him $600 for his lost clothing

An illustrative photo of prosthetic legs; a Boeing 777-300 ER N789AN American Airlines taking off.
A man claims American Airlines lost the suitcase containing his prosthetic leg.
Michael Williams said his prosthetic leg cost $26,650, but he wasn’t compensated for it. 
Williams said he doesn’t want to fly anymore after the incident.

A Missouri man claims that American Airlines lost his suitcase and prosthetic leg — and only compensated him $600 for it. 

Michael Williams, a disabled man from St. Louis, Missouri, told Fox2Now that the airline lost his suitcase, which contained the aluminum leg, on a flight from Indianapolis to Charlotte in 2020. The custom-made device cost Williams $26,650, he said in the report.

“You can’t do this to someone that’s disabled and just say, hey, we lost something of yours, but we’re not going to pay for it,” said Williams, who was on his way home to St. Louis.

According to Williams, he checked in his suitcase — which was labeled fragile — before…

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This article was written by Marielle Descalsota and originally published on www.businessinsider.com