This family of 3 sold almost everything to live in a Mercedes van so they can travel around Australia all year round. Take a look.

Maddison Milton, her partner Kyle, and their son Reef moved into a Mercedes van in February.
As avid travelers, the couple wanted to be able to spend more time together doing what they love.
Despite living in a tiny space, their connection is deeper and they get to spend time in nature.
They decided to sell pretty much everything they owned

Getting woken up by the sun has become almost normal for Maddison Milton and her partner Kyle Markham, who live in a van with their three-year-old son Reef. 

Avid travelers, the couple decided to move into their Mercedes Sprinter van full-time in February, after about two years of escaping on getaways when they could.

“We sold pretty much everything we owned and decided to go all in on the van,” Milton told Insider. 

“We were just trying to figure out a way where we could keep kind of moving and keep doing what feels good for us,” she added. 

Their plan is for them to travel all over Australia. 

Much of the family’s days are spent outdoors


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