Rachel Carson’s Quiet and Powerful Leadership

ANNOUNCER: HBR On Leadership.

HANNAH BATES: Welcome to HBR on Leadership, case studies and conversations with the world’s top business and management experts, hand-selected to help you unlock the best in those around you. Today, we bring you a conversation with Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn about the life, legacy, and often overlooked leadership of environmental trailblazer, Rachel Carson. In this episode, a shy woman armed with little more than a pen takes on some of the most powerful industrial companies and changes the world. Carson’s story has lessons for any leader facing an overwhelming challenge. You’ll learn how to strengthen your resilience, how to gather your energy and skills, and why caretaking is an act of leadership. This episode originally aired on HBR IdeaCast in March 2020. Here it is.

ADI IGNATIUS: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review. I’m Adi Ignatius. This is “Real Leaders,” a special series…

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