Newcastle v Arsenal: Premier League – live

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2 min Wow! Newcastle attack for the first time, Wilson appearing on the left side of the box and cleverly threading a square pass for Murphy, who steps inside onto his left foot and thwacks with his laces against the base of the post@

1 min Arsenal knock it about trying to take the sting out of things – they do it well. Newcastle are playing their usual 4-3-3, Isak off the left. I’d wager he’l be aiming to attack Kiwior from there.

1 min Away we go!

“Some will say a good next season for Arsenal has to be the title – it’s the only place left,” emails Joshua Hardie. “But Liverpool have shown you need consistent excellence for 5 years to nick one title against the Machine. So for both, top four and making it through the groups stages of the CL will be good (and fun). It’s going to be a merry go round of seven teams for a shine, yet…”

I’m not sure top four will be adequate for Arsenal. They…

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