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Traveling in Africa while African

Last week, we looked at the resurgence of international tourism to Africa. But traveling through the continent can be a very different experience for African travelers.

For insight (and advice), Lynsey Chutel, who contributes to this newsletter from Johannesburg, spoke with Lerato Mogoatlhe, a South African traveler and author of the memoir “Vagabond: Wandering Through Africa on Faith.”

What’s it like traveling in Africa as an African?

In moments when it all works well, I’m instantly connected to places and people, and it makes every place feel like a homecoming. I articulate it as “Africaaaah” to express bliss and satisfaction. I am obsessed with my home continent, our music, culture, destinations, heritage, art, fashion, our diversity and landscapes.

Then there’s “Africaaarg,” for my frustrations. Public transport that rarely leaves on time, and there are cultural differences about gender. One man thought I was a spy and could not…

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