US supreme court expected to rule on abortion pill access lawsuit – live

Four directions the supreme court’s abortion pill case could take

It’s possible that today ends with a supreme court decision allowing abortion medication mifepristone to stay available at pharmacies nationwide. Or, the court’s conservative majority could again display its willingness to throttle reproductive care access and allow an appeals court decision reimposing restrictions on the drug to go into effect.

Here’s a look at four ways the ruling on the mifepristone case could go, from Steve Vladeck of the University of Texas School of Law:

Here we go again:

Four possible #mifepristone rulings from #SCOTUS today:

1) Grant stay pending appeal;

2) Deny stay pending appeal;

3) Weird mixed ruling; or

4) No ruling.

(1) means no change to mifepristone access anytime soon; (2)-(4) mean big changes starting Saturday.

— Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) April 21, 2023

It’s also *possible* that Justice Alito extends the administrative stay *again* (what happened on Wednesday), but that seems…

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