How to Redeem Credit Card Rewards

When you go to redeem the rewards you’ve been accruing with your rewards-earning credit card, you may be met with a slew of potentially overwhelming options. Even the most straightforward reward of them all — cash back — may require a decision: Do you want that as a direct deposit? Statement credit? Paper check?

If your card offers miles or points, it can get even more complicated: You might be able to redeem directly for flights or hotels, yes, but where? Directly with the airline or hotel, or through your credit card’s travel portal? Or maybe you’ll get better value by transferring them to another travel account entirely.

It’s a lot to keep in mind. Start by deciding what your goals are, and then know how to access your rewards so you can put them to use toward those goals. The first part — setting priorities — is within your control, but the second part — accessing and using your rewards — varies widely depending on the card, the bank behind it and the redemption…

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This article was written by Jae Bratton and originally published on