Research: Why Women Trust Their Employers Less Than Men Do

Let us tell you a story about a woman we’ll call Ava. When she landed her first job in a global technology company, she soon discovered that a male colleague who had started at the same time was being paid more for the same work. When Ava asked her manager about the disparity, she was told that salaries were confidential but that he had done better on various unspecified performance measures. When she had her first child, she was excluded from business trips by her boss, who, in trying to be thoughtful about her new family demands, decided she was spread too thin to join. And later, when she put her hat in the ring for a promotion, the job went to another male colleague who had been included in those key trips.

Ava is a composite, but her experience will be familiar to many women. A lifetime of experiences like these takes a toll on women’s trust in their employers, with a cascade of consequences. Our research shows that the less an employee trusts their…

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This article was written by Ashley Reichheld and originally published on