Do You Really Know The Financial Impacts of Your Digital Transformation? – SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DELOITTE

By Tim Bottke, Diana Kearns Manolatos, and Gabriele Troilo

Embarking on digital transformation holds enormous promise for your organization in the form of reduced costs, increased operational efficiencies, greater value to your customers, and future-proofing for tomorrow’s business landscape. The bad news is that around 70% of digital transformation efforts fail.

Transformation often goes south when it’s measured against subjective data or is limited in scope, applying to specific operations or practices but not accounting for an organization’s broader growth strategy. But one reliable measure of transformation’s success is market value—financial analysis can highlight its effects on market capitalization to help guide an organization’s goals.

Getting digital transformation right is critical, paving the way for a greater potential boost to market cap—or, if it’s done wrong, a risk of far greater loss.

Pathways to a…

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