Supreme Court seeks compromise in ex-mailman’s Sabbath-work conflict

Supreme Court Seeks Compromise In Ex-Mailman’s Sabbath-Work Conflict - Gc4Pd3Alocbdd6Dhhax42Boesm
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A majority of the Supreme Court expressed interest Tuesday in a compromise intended to balance religious rights in the workplace with the burden they might impose on employers and co-workers.

The justices, whose conservative majority has been increasingly protective of religious liberty, were reviewing the case of a part-time mail carrier who quit his U.S. Postal Service job after he was forced to deliver packages on Sundays, when he observes the Sabbath.

Gerald Groff sued to overturn a decades-old Supreme Court decision, which his lawyers say undermines religious protections by allowing employers to deny accommodations that would cause only a minor inconvenience. But a majority of justices seemed inclined to reinforce those protections without getting rid of past precedent — even as they struggled during oral arguments to articulate an alternative for evaluating when an employer can reject a request related to religious observance.

At issue is Title VII…

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