New propellers with looped blades could help make the oceans quiet again, sparing both marine life and the climate

Sharrow Marine makes a propeller based on loops that’s designed to reduce noise and increase efficiency.
The propellers of the world’s ships and boats create a constant drone that disrupts ocean life.
New propeller designs based on loops could one day quiet that drone and be more fuel efficient.
Sharrow Marine sells them for small boats but would need to scale up to reach the shipping industry.
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Imagine you’re a whale. You spend your entire life in the open water. You can see well enough, but you mostly listen.

Songs of other whales help you communicate and travel with your pod. Rhythmic waves crashing on distant shores orient you on migrations that span thousands of miles each year.

A sperm whale swimming off the coast of Mirissa, in southern Sri Lanka.

But a distant drone, like white…

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