How businesses are experimenting with ChatGPT-like services

Each earnings season comes with new buzzwords. As companies ready their scripts for the most recent quarter, one phrase in particular is sure to end up on many bosses’ lips—generative artificial intelligence (ai). Ever since Chatgpt, an artificially intelligent conversationalist, began dazzling the world, bosses have been salivating over the potential for generative ai to turbocharge productivity. Zurich, an insurer, is now using a customised version of Chatgpt to simplify lengthy claims documents. Mattel, a toymaker, is designing new playthings using dall-e, another tool that conjures images based on text prompts. Absci, a biotech company, is using the new wonder to assist with the development of therapeutic antibodies. Plenty of other firms are dipping their toes in this unfamiliar water.

The toolmakers of the knowledge economy have more fully embraced the innovation frenzy. Microsoft has announced a string of product updates that will allow desk jockeys to offload tasks from…

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