The Papers: Sunak probe and King Charles’ ‘flantastic’ quiche

The Daily Telegraph reports that single-sex schools will not be forced to accommodate transgender pupils, under government guidelines to be issued within weeks. The change will apply to all state and independent schools in England.

The paper says headteachers and governors recently met lawyers to discuss concerns that they could be at risk of discrimination claims if they refused to accept transgender pupils.

Many papers feature images of the Just Stop Oil protester who dropped orange powder on one of the tables at the World Snooker Championship last night.

“Foul and a mess”, is the Daily Star’s verdict – while the i calls what happened “snooker loopy”.

The Guardian reports that further damage by a second protester was prevented only by the “quick thinking” of the referee. After protests at the Grand National, “are we now in for a summer of sporting disruption?” asks the Daily Telegraph. “Sadly that is the fear”, is its answer.

Meanwhile, several papers look at the…

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