Several news organizations go silent on Twitter after Elon Musk adds ‘government-funded media’ label to some accounts

Elon Musk’s Twitter has added “government-funded media” labels to NPR and PBS, causing them to stop using the platform.
Some news organizations announced they’re going silent on Twitter over “government-funded” labels.
NPR and PBS stopped tweeting from their accounts after Twitter labeled them as “government-funded.”
WBUR, Hawaii Public Radio, and LAist said they support NPR and have stopped using Twitter.

Elon Musk’s decision to label some news organizations as “government-funded media” on Twitter has led to various outlets quitting the platform.

Twitter on Sunday added the label to some media accounts, including NPR and the BBC.

Following an interview with a BBC reporter on Tuesday, Musk changed the label on the BBC’s Twitter account to “publicly funded media” instead of “government-funded.”


NPR’s “government-funded” label remains. The company announced it had stopped tweeting from its 52 Twitter feeds. CEO John Lansing said Twitter’s actions were “exceptionally harmful and set…

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