Colorado State Income Tax: Rates and Who Pays in 2022-2023

Colorado’s income tax rate is 4.4%. It is one of 11 states with a flat income tax.

Colorado state income tax returns are due April 18, 2023. People who need more time to file are automatically granted a six-month Colorado state tax extension if they also apply for a federal tax extension by tax day.

Taxpayers who request an extension should pay at least 90% of their tax bill to avoid incurring penalties and additional interest.

Colorado state income tax rates and tax brackets

For tax year 2022 (taxes filed in 2023), Colorado’s state income tax rate is 4.4%. Previously, Colorado taxed income at a fixed rate of 4.55%, but the passage of Proposition 121 lowered the rate by 0.15% for tax years 2022 and forward.

Colorado’s flat-tax approach is different from how the federal government and several other states collect taxes. Instead of taxing chunks of a taxpayer’s income at progressively higher rates depending on how much they make, the state levies a flat 4.4% on taxable income.

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