CEO goes viral telling employees to stop asking how to stay motivated without bonuses: ‘Leave pity city’

MillerKnoll CEO went viral over comments she made about bonuses.
MillerKnoll CEO Andrea Owen went viral over comments she made about employee bonuses and motivation.
The executive told staff to stop asking about bonuses and focus on the company’s wellbeing instead.
A MillerKnoll spokesperson said the company has yet to determine bonuses for the fiscal year.

A video is going viral on social media that shows MillerKnoll CEO Andrea Owen responding to employee questions about staying motivated while potentially losing their bonuses.

In the video, which was recorded last month at an internal meeting, Owen told staff to stop asking questions about bonuses and focus instead on the company’s financial needs and “things we can control.” The video garnered 3 million views on Twitter this week and drew mostly outrage, as well as some praise, from users on Reddit and TikTok.

“Questions came through about ‘How can we stay motivated if we’re not going to get a bonus?'” Owen said in the video….

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