3 New U.S. Employment Regulations That Companies Should Prepare for Now

In 2023, company leaders will have to address new regulations and laws in three areas — noncompete clauses, pay transparency, and human capital disclosures — that have far-reaching implications that company leaders may not have fully grasped. How these changes will play out is far from clear, but the time to start thinking about them is now. The author presents several ways to view the coming changes as an opportunity to think deeply about their talent strategy and turn these regulatory developments to their advantage.

While layoffs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere dominate headlines, the reality is that many companies today still find themselves in a fierce war for talent. A spate of new laws and regulations — many of which are intended to make the workplace fairer for employees — may make the situation even more challenging for employers.

Three such developments — the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban on noncompete clauses in employment…

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This article was written by Charles G. Tharp and originally published on hbr.org