Teenager living in fear after rapist Sean Hogg walked free

A teenager who was raped when she was 13 is living in fear that her attacker will come after her after he walked free from court.

Sean Hogg was 17 when he attacked the young victim in Dalkeith Country Park on a number of occasions in 2018.

He was convicted of rape earlier this month however, due to new sentencing guidelines for under 25s, he was not jailed and instead given 270 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Lord Lake said if Hogg had committed the crime when he was over 25, he would have given him a jail sentence of four or five years.

His victim, who is anonymous to protect her identity, has now spoken about how the rape and the subsequent sentence, has affected her.

In a statement, she said she was diagnosed with PTSD, suffered from panic attacks and self-harmed on a daily basis following the attacks.

She also said she had undergone three years of counselling.

The teenager, now 18, said CCTV was fitted in her home so she could see who was coming into her street and she would not…

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk