DeSantis group attacks Trump in ad as 2024 fight intensifies

Desantis Group Attacks Trump In Ad As 2024 Fight Intensifies - 63Hxcjqdhv6Ukef2Tg22Tauhse
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A super PAC aligned with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) released a television ad Sunday attacking Donald Trump as a liar facing legal peril and features an image of the former president, looking down as a red tie hangs loosely around his open collar, as a narrator asks, “What happened to Donald Trump?”

The ad from the group Never Back Down is the clearest sign that the governor, despite recent missteps, plans to enter the Republican presidential primary and directly challenge Trump, who so far has been the clear front-runner as he makes his third run for the presidency. Last week, the group also released a video saying Trump “abandoned us” and joined Democrats in supporting “gun control.”

Sunday’s ad is the highest-profile, and most direct, attack on Trump so far. It ran as a one-time ad buy on “Fox News Sunday.” It spotlights what leading Republicans believe are the vulnerabilities of the party’s most dominant, and troublesome, figure:…

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