Almost half of Taiwan’s aircraft isn’t ready for war, and its air force doesn’t have a coordinated radio network to stave off a Chinese invasion: Pentagon leak

A Taiwanese Mirage fighter jet lands after routine patrols and training exercises at an air force base in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan on April 6, 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan.
China is likely to swiftly gain air superiority in Taiwan if it goes to war, per Pentagon leaks.
Pentagon assessments seen by The Washington Post present a bleak outlook for Taiwan’s air force.
The island’s air defenses are uncoordinated and largely unprepared for combat, the intel says.

Taiwan’s air force is exposed to a Chinese invasion through a slew of gaping vulnerabilities, and it’s highly likely Beijing will achieve air superiority quickly if it goes to war across the strait, per leaked Pentagon assessments.

The leaked documents seen by The Washington Post say barely more than half of Taiwan’s aircraft is fully ready for combat missions, and that Taiwan’s own officials doubt their air defenses can “accurately detect missile launches.”

It would take the self-governed island a whole week to move its fighter jets…

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