A settlement in the Fox-Dominion case? The pros and cons.

A Settlement In The Fox-Dominion Case? The Pros And Cons. -
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There’s a chance the long-awaited Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News defamation trial might not happen after all: The judge delayed the start of the trial from Monday to Tuesday as the two sides engaged in late settlement talks.

Of course, the ideal time for such a deal for Fox would have been months ago, before the emergence of depositions and extensive documentation detailing Fox’s decisions to credulously air bogus claims about voting machines. In some ways, the damage has been done at Fox via the discovery process, irrespective of a settlement.

Rupert Murdoch settles a lot of lawsuits. Why not Dominion v. Fox News?

But a settlement would help Fox avoid an additional and potentially significant weeks-long spectacle casting an even harsher spotlight on its editorial decisions.

Below is a look at the pros and cons of settling for both sides.

The main utility of a settlement is that it would avoid a lengthy, drawn-out media spectacle that could last five…

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This article was written by Aaron Blake and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com