What to Do When Medicare Doesn’t Cover Your Prescription Drug

Although recent changes to Medicare Part D will eventually make covered prescription drugs more affordable for Medicare beneficiaries, there’s still a loophole: What if Medicare doesn’t cover your drug at all?

Specific drug coverage varies by plan, and you may not be able to immediately switch to a plan that covers your drug, or you may find that no plans cover it.

“The problems are the more expensive brand name medications,” says Katy Votava, who holds a doctorate in health economics and nursing and is president and founder of Goodcare, a consulting firm focused on the economics of Medicare. “That can be difficult for people, and they’re often based on medical necessity anyway, and prior authorization is typically required.”

If you find that a medication you’ve been prescribed isn’t covered by your Medicare plan, here are some options to consider.

Check the Medicare landscape

First, is this a medicine that’s ever covered by Medicare — just not your plan? Does…

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This article was written by Kate Ashford, CSA® and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com