Sudan crisis: Shock and anger in Khartoum, a city not used to war

Khartoum city streets were mostly empty of people and traffic on Sunday, with both warring sides mounting roadblocks.

But long queues formed at bakeries and the few shops that remained open, as some people briefly ventured out to buy food before returning home to safety.

In the afternoon, there was a three-hour pause in hostilities to allow thousands of locked-down people to move and for the injured to get to hospital.

Among residents, there was shock – and also anger.

Unlike other parts of the country, such as the often turbulent western Darfur region, Khartoum is not used to war. This is the first time that people in the capital have seen such clashes.

Early on Sunday, Sudan’s doctors’ union said at least 17 civilians had been killed in the city but after two days of fighting the true number of victims is likely to be higher.

Khartoum resident Kholood Khair told the BBC that residents could not be sure of safety anywhere.

“All civilians have been urged to stay at home, but that…

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