Some Democrats worry crackdown on TikTok could hurt party

Some Democrats Worry Crackdown On Tiktok Could Hurt Party - Eo2Sktqfyi6Ufgfhufgqzcpgne
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More than three dozen members of Congress have TikTok accounts, almost all of them Democrats. The White House briefs TikTok influencers as if they’re members of the press. And the most popular lawmaker on TikTok, Democratic Rep. Jeff Jackson of North Carolina, has racked up a following of 1.6 million by posting regular videos about the top news.

Democrats have so successfully cultivated TikTok clout and the soapbox it provides for young voters — in contrast to Republicans’ far less enthusiastic embrace — that party operatives are now drawing up detailed plans to dramatically expand its use in the 2024 campaign.

But that strategy is colliding head-on with the Biden administration’s push to crack down on TikTok. Fearing that the app’s Chinese ownership could pose a security threat, the administration, through a powerful interagency committee, is pushing a plan that would require TikTok’s Chinese owners to divest from the popular video app.

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