Nikki Haley’s campaign vastly overstated her fundraising

Nikki Haley’s Campaign Vastly Overstated Her Fundraising - Bl3Rydy3Azezdheg6Tezo66Yz4
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Earlier this month, Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign touted an impressive number: A news release said the former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador had raised more than $11 million in the six weeks since launching her campaign for the GOP nomination.

But filings on Saturday with the Federal Election Commission show that her campaign drastically overstated its haul. The campaign appears to have double-counted money it moved among various committees.

The filings, covering the first three months of the year, show that three committees affiliated with Haley collectively brought in about $8.3 million.

Fundraising is one measure of enthusiasm for presidential candidates, and quarterly totals are closely watched in both major political parties as a metric used to judge campaign strength. Candidates often tout their fundraising totals before they are disclosed to the FEC, previewing data that will later be accessible to the public.

Haley has been…

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