Good Friday Agreement: Hillary Clinton urges NI parties to return to power sharing

Hillary Clinton has urged political parties in Northern Ireland to return to power sharing.

The former US Secretary of State is in Belfast for a conference marking 25 years since the Good Friday Agreement.

She addressed an audience at the Washington-Ireland Program headquarters in the city centre on Sunday.

There, she said the post-Brexit deal, the Windsor Framework, provides an economic boost that should not be missed.

Asked about the future of Northern Ireland, she said: “Part of what I hope happens is that people from every part of the political system here will decide that the government needs to get back into business.”

She added: “Given the Windsor agreement, this is an opportunity unlike any for economic development growth, investment, business expansion – because Northern Ireland now has a unique and privileged position.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will pay tribute to the contribution young people have made to peace when he returns to Northern Ireland this week to take part…

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