Angry Birds maker may soon be owned by Sega if expected $1 billion sale goes through, report says

“Angry Birds” game characters are seen at the Rovio headquarters.
Sega is nearing a deal to buy “Angry Birds” game creator Rovio Entertainment.
The entertainment conglomerate is expected to pay $1 billion if the deal is finalized, according to WSJ.
After much success launching “Angry Birds” in 2009, the Finnish company reported losses in 2019.

Japanese video game conglomerate Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. is in talks to acquire Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the popular “Angry Birds” mobile games.

The potential $1 billion sale was first reported by Wall Street Journal on Friday, and could be finalized in the coming week.

Rovio, a Finnish company that went public in 2017, has experienced vast success from its “Angry Birds” mobile game franchise. Since its debut in 2009, “Angry Birds” has inspired multiple spinoff games as well as TV shows and movies. In 2019, Rovio launched an augmented reality version of the famous mobile game.

Sega Sammy Holdings — which was formed by a merger…

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