The Health Emergency Is Ending. Will COVID Costs Be Covered?

Why should you care that the COVID-19 public health emergency officially expires on May 11, 2023? Because, depending on your insurance, you may end up paying for tests, treatments and even vaccines.

“We’re going from a situation where we had universal access to COVID-19 vaccines, testing and treatment to one that looks more like the complexity of coverage and cost-sharing that characterizes the United States more generally,” says Sara R. Collins, senior scholar and vice president for health care coverage at The Commonwealth Fund, a health care advocacy foundation.

Every American could eventually see changes in their COVID-19 coverage, whether they have employer-provided or marketplace insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or no insurance. And beginning this month, millions of Medicaid recipients are likely to lose all of that program’s health coverage, not just COVID-19 benefits.

Here’s a rundown on what to expect and how you can cope, depending on what kind of insurance you have.

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